fine NF  

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fine NF is a recording label company mainly for classical music and it was founded by a recording producer Yoshinori Nishiwaki and a balance engineer Suenori Fukui.  Based on the traditional sound policy which they have both acquired from having worked at PHILIPS Classics in JapanNippon Phonogram K.K. for over twenty years, they aim to record at the highest standard with the most updated technological equipment.  


The first time that both Yoshinori Nishiwaki and Suenori Fukui have worked together was in 1981, when they recorded Lola Bobesco, violinist.  This was done when Nippon Phonogram K.K. (currently Universal Music K.K.) came to an agreement with TELARC from America.  They made this recording under the great guidance of Jack Lenner, the founder and current chairman of TELARC in USA.  


Since then, they have received much guidance and assistance by Onno Scholze from PHILIPS Classics, who taught them the basic sound policy and recording techniques.  


Though there are many classical music fans around the world who have much trust in Telarc and PHILIPS recordings, when looked into the origins, one reaches the American ‘MERCURY Label’ recording policy and techniques.  


Between 1960s and 70s, MERCURY gave world-wide sensation with their Hi-Fi sound.  It was Robert Fine, who at the time, was the maestro of the Balance Engineers who discovered a new revolutionary invention of setting only three concentrated microphones on left, centre and right, and gave the world of the orchestra recording an enormous uproar.  


Robert Fine, together with his wife Wilma Cozart Fine who is also a producer, have worked together, to release numerous historical recordings such as “MERCURY Living Presence” Series with more than 350 LP recordings. 


Nishiwaki and Fukui have decided to pay their respects to the Fines, to realize that their point of the basics is always where they are and where they have been, and to name their label after them as - fine NF.